My work originates from pictures that I come across every day. Often these images tell tragic stories happening in the world, that I usually find on pages of newspapers or on the web. I always use photos in the form of simple photocopy.The emotion I feel in seeing a picture inspires me to pick it up. The same emotion is what I would like to arouse in those who view my work. The photo depicts a real person. The photo is a trace and memory of the person. The picture always originates from real life. Real life is what I'm trying to perpetuate in my work.


I make photographs and photocopies of the same image over and over again, looking for an interesting effect of distancing from the original. 

I often superimpose transparent materials to the photo. It could be plastic, gauze, etc ... so I create an effect of visual distortion. The viewer is forced to move away from the image to be able to see it in clear manner. I love to create a visual dialogue in motion between the viewer and my works: viewing the work must not only be frontal and static, but changing the point of view, the vision of the work changes.


Through my work I focus on some of the main tragic episodes that have occurred in the world in recent years: from the episode in the school in Beslan (2004) where they killed so many children, the kidnapping of two hundred girls at Boko Haram in Nigeria (2014), the decapitated heads from Isis, the war in Syria, to the massacre at Bataclan (2015). I've faced some of the most distressing themes of "civilian" contemporary world: children suicide bombers, children soldiers, feminicide, children violated.


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