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invito all'evento Lo Studio d'Artista 2 / Mary Judge

SIMONA FRILLICI invites the artist MARY JUDGE 


via della Pergola 1b, Perugia at 6:00 pm. on SATURDAY, JULY 9th 2011.


Opening the doors of my studio, a place of intimacy and an otherwise absolutely private space, comes from the strong need for something to come forth in a kind of birth. Encountering others is always enriching and encourages us to move on. I have invited MARY JUDGE to conceive and produce one of her creations in my studio. Working artistically in another artist's creative space constitutes a kind of mutual immersion in each other's work. The act of observation stimulates and encourages a process that hopefully leads beyond mere superficial perception. Working physically in another artist's studio is a direct and total experience which should induce full understanding and comprehension - beyond the facade and in depth. This encounter should give birth to an act of creation that may lead to another work of art...

Thanks to the comprehension and the confrontation between two individuals, we spend our attention on exploring a space outside: the area in which the studio is located. This takes us to the space inside: the studio itself. Finally, we focus on what always is (and must be) at the very center: our artwork.

Translation Sacha Deegan

Art=human being

In a world that wants us uniformed, a world in which any individuality gets flattened and standardized in the name of the one current creed - the raison of the markets - art (as in the human being) probably is the quintessence that we're missing.


There are those who have declared art to be dead, then those who recognize art everywhere.  There plainly is a state of confusion in which there isn't any certainty whatsoever and where people have a strong need to find precisely that quintessence that might comfort and enrich them as generously as does the encounter with and experience of art.


This is an ancient human need and begins at history's dawn. Perhaps we must look to those ancient times to then return to our present days - to rediscover the human being.  That human being who we must focus on anew, with his values, his ethics - all in his own specific dimension.



SABATO 9 LUGLIO 2011 alle ore 18, via della Pergola 1b, Perugia


Aprire le porte del mio studio,luogo intimo e altrimenti assolutamente privato, risponde alla forte esigenza che qualcosa abbia origine e avvenga una sorta di nascita. L'incontro con l'Altro è sempre fonte di arricchimento e spinta a muovere passi in avanti. Invito MARY JUDGE a concepire e realizzare una sua creazione nel mio studio. Lavorare nel luogo primo del fare dell'artista costituisce una sorta di compenetrazione del lavoro dell'altro.Dall'atto del vedere è stimolato e auspicato un processo che conduca oltre la percezione di superficie. L'esperienza diretta e totale che è lavorare fisicamente nello studio altrui,induca a una comprensione e conoscenza completa,oltre la facciata,in profondità,perchè possa nascere dall'incontro,un atto di creazione che porti un lavoro altro...

Tramite la conoscenza e il confronto tra due individualità, l'attenzione è volta a esplorare un luogo esterno: il territorio dove è lo studio. Arrivando al luogo interno: lo studio. Fino a focalizzare quello che sempre è (deve essere) il centro: il lavoro.



In un mondo che ci vuole tutti simili, dove ogni individualità risulta appiattita e omologata in nome dell'unica etica vigente: l'etica del mercato, arte (come essere umano) può essere quel quid che sfugge.


Tra chi asserisce che arte è morta. E chi la individua dappertutto. Ciò che è palese è uno stato confusionale in cui non vi è alcuna certezza e dove affiora forte l'esigenza di trovare quel quid appunto, che appaghi e arricchisca (dal punto di vista sensuale, emozionale, intellettuale) quanto l'incontro e l'esperienza con l'arte.


Il bisogno è antico, dall'alba della storia. E forse a quei tempi bisogna guardare e poi venire avanti all'oggi, per ritrovare l'uomo. Quell' uomo che va riportato al centro, con i suoi valori, la sua etica, tutto a sua misura.



MARY JUDGE: "What was the first studio? I contemplated this when I recently saw Werner Herzog's documentary film The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. In it Herzog enters Chauvet Cave with his 3D camera. Here, magnificent images of the animals that passed through the sorrounding valley were drawn on the undulating walls in charcoal and red pigment. The ancient studio was a rock or a cave charged with meaning; French Paleontologist Jean Clottes  describes our artist forebearors: the paleolithic world was suffused with fluidity and permeability. There were no barriers between man and wall. The wall was a membrane, sitting between here and now and another world, a spirit world, a place where unexplained visions and dreams outer body experiences existed. Clottes: Cave painting was an attempt to inscribe these images onto memory. In several cinematic passages we see naturally forming calcite "niches" filled purposefully with insects forms, as in the memory palace model of ancient Greek mnemonics. Today the artists studio is permeable by means of it's instrumentalization by critics, gallery dealers, politicians and governements and by artists themselves.

Presented here in the studio of Simona Frillici are images of doors and windows of artists studios based on photographs taken by amateur or professional photographers. Translated into drawings, my idea is to provoke us to think beyond the threshold and into the hearts, minds and spirit in habitat. We might think about the absence or presence of it's artist occupant or those who safeguard or control it afterwards.

The door or window of the artist studio is an urgent threshold. The studio by turn is an incubator, a revolutionary chambers, a craftman's workshop, a place of solitude and reflection, a church or a hermetic cave, the site/home of the uncontrollable animal/hero/bum that we call the artist. With the opening of the studio door we imagine we enter the mind of the artist and receive a privileged view of creativity in action. We imagine that by gazing through the artist's window the inspiration granted to the artist, will be transmitted also to us. We come for this reciprocity. In the late 20th cetury the artist often masterminded this experience and the studio became part the mythology of the artist and by extension, an art product itself. 

Today we have entered a post studio era. With the growth of new media, video, film installation and performance forms, the artist might work entirely without need for a dedicated space. Artists move fluidly through the streets, in private homes and out of galleries, museums, over the internet and around the world transporting and disseminating their work and ideas arriving a new global permeability.

But let's return to the personal. Simona Frillici grants me the possibility to occupy and make work in her studio on my sojourn in Italy this year.This is a very special offer up one's studio space. With tis opportunity came my thinking about the very nature of artist's studio. This sinergy gievs rise to yet another level of permeability: the intellectual, spiritual synergy of comradery." (June 2011)

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